Gavin Newsom

Nobody Cares if He's Smart 

By Anne Doherty

Back when Gavin was still San Francisco mayor, I wrote a show called “Absolutely San Francisco” in which the main character, a homeless woman, was in love with him. She crooned:

“It must be hard for the guy to be so darned good lookin’ When nobody cares if he’s smart.
311, Care Not Cash...He knows wine and cookin’
But when folks look at him, they see art.

Has he good common sense, or clear ideas? They just see his sleek shiny hair.
I’m in love with the man running San Francisco But he’s just too darned cute to be Mayor.”

One goal of the song was to write something controversial about Gavin that Gavin himself would agree with. After all, the time I met him (doing voter registration for SFGOP), women from both parties were throwing themselves at him, greasy hair and all. The lyrics rang so “true” they were quoted in The San Francisco Chronicle.

Not quite realizing it at the time, I had hit on what made Gavin a leader in identity politics. Just like those seeking special protection for race or gender, he got to be mayor, then Lt. Governor, then Governor, by his looks and his connections, in his case to the politically powerful Getty family. According to my then contacts in City Hall, he was a front man.

When Gavin side-stepped the will of Californians to make gay marriage legal, a picture in The Chronicle showed his arm wrapped around a lesbian...but with the hand against her shoulder balled in a fist. That’s when I knew he wanted to be President and that he’d say and do anything to achieve that. In fact, he’d even be willing to destroy the next generation or two.

In the world of LGBTQ+ rights, Gavin found a source that would buoy him for the rest of his career: rich, childless, angry, bitter homosexuals. This sad conclusion is inspired by what was said at the event where my husband and I were spontaneously blessed by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Sisters - and most the folks there - voiced the desire to see the visceral destruction of anyone wholesome, straight or Christian. We left in shock, suspecting that in our lifetimes we’d experience a cultural roller coaster that would go far beyond sexual orientation - that this wild ride would become a tool for the wealthy to gain world power.

Years later, we see it playing out - for members of the Getty family are not only darlings of the World Economic Forum, they’re LGBTQ+ activists. Ditto members of the Pritzker family. Ditto so many other Silicon Valley and Hollywood elite.

Now that Gavin’s knocking on the door of a presidential run, he’s vacillating a degree. On one hand, he promotes sexually explicit material in the public schools, and signs bills that both include protections for “queer” children in foster care and require LGBTQ “cultural competency” training for staff working in public schools. On the other, he vetoes a bill requiring judges making custody decisions to take into account a parent’s willingness to affirm a child’s gender identity.

Newsom’s decision to sign some pro-LGBTQ bills but reject the one about custody shows him walking a fine line. He doesn’t want to seem totally in the pocket of the gay lobby - not before debating Ron DeSantis in November. One wonders why this debate is even happening. Have the powers in Washington decided that Gavin will be Joe’s successor should Joe one day fail to rise after one of his increasingly frequent falls? Have the powers decided DeSantis is the preferred candidate over Trump if they succeed in taking him off the ballots in enough states? In any case, the California branch of the World Economic Forum are the oligarchs and tech titans that cast a blithering Kamala Harris as VP, allowed Diane Feinstein to drive around with a Chinese spy chauffeur, have her daughter help cast votes (“Say ‘yea,’ Mom), and drop the name to Gavin to replace Feinstein with a black lesbian who doesn’t even live in California.

How did THAT happen? The answer I’m afraid lies in those lyrics from years ago: “Nobody cares if he’s smart.” This is high theatre played out to audiences following their confirmation biases. As with good theatre, we enjoy our hero’s looks and follow the story as if we’re in a dream. The US is still profitable and comfortable enough for citizens not to wake up - but they’re starting to. After all, what California is doing to generations of our children is a nightmare.