Our Mission

The Novato Republican Women is a dynamic volunteer organization of Republican Women. Our membership consists of women living throughout Marin County and beyond. Men are welcomed as associate members.

We are the largest issue-oriented, conservative group in Marin County, California, providing a monthly forum to learn about issues and exchange ideas.

As an active group of concerned and engaged citizens who care about our community, our country, and our world, we work to keep ourselves informed on the issues, engaged in the discussion and involved in the solution.

We challenge conventional wisdom and eschew easy answers. We are independent thinkers, because only by taking individual responsibility do we believe that we can succeed and thrive as a nation.

We are conservative in the best sense of the word. We believe in conserving the rights of the individual, in conserving the value of every life, and in conserving the liberty and freedom this country fought so hard to earn for its citizens.

Our Vision: Our vision for the NRW is to educate and empower our members to participate actively as a collective force to positively impact the direction of our local, state, and national governments, ensuring a brighter future for all generations.

Our Mission: Our mission is to organize and develop programs and opportunities that increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through education, active citizenship and community service.