Our luncheon meetings feature engaging and informative speakers and we invite you to come listen and learn with us. 

* Denotes speeches currently available for members to download or listen to from this site. Members must first sign in and go Members/Recorded Speeches on the home page menu.


*    Erin Friday, Parental Rights Advocate: "Protect our Children"


Richard Locke, Retired Attorney, Pacific Gas & Electric: "Energy - An Essential Requirement for Modern Society"

 Susan Kirsch, President, Catalysts for Local Control: "Unrealistic Housing Quotas--Time for Bold Action"



Rick Travis, Program Director, California Rifle and Pistol Association: "Protecting Your Second Amendment Rights"

Kevin Kiley, Republican Congressional Candidate, CA-03

Eric Early, Candidate for California Attorney General

Teddy Pasquesi, Student, Claremont McKenna 

*Tamika Hamilton, Republican Congressional Candidate, CA-6:  "A New Force for Chane in California Conservatism"

* Bob Wickers, VP Operations, Freedom Foundation: "Labor Unions' Sway on Elections Today"

* Katie Hopkins, British conservative media personality: "A View from across the Pond"

Michael Shellenberger, Founder/President Environmental Progress, author of San Fransicko:  "San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities and more . . ."

Michael Alexander, Founder/President, California School Choice Foundation:  "School Choice: The Plan Explained"

Chris Arend, Esq., President, Paso Robles Joint Unified School District: "Parent Involvement in Controversial School Issues and Curriculum"

Rick Johnson: Sr. Water Service Inspector, Ret., San Francisco Water Department: "What About Water?"



*   Chris Patterson, former Region IX Administrator of HUD: “Aspirations, Achievements and Obstacles for US Housing Policy“

Jessica Patterson, California GOP Chair:  "The future of the Republican Party in California"

Madison Habersetzer, Program Officer for the Reagan Ranch Young America's Foundation:  "What is Being Taught on Campus, the Cancel Culture and What We can Do About It"

Sally Pipes, President & CEO, Pacific Research Institute:  Healthcare, Homeless and Hot Issues”

*   Mary L. G. Theroux, Senior Vice President, Independent Institute:  Government Protections and Overreach “

*    Ken LaCorte, Founder, Media Action Network & Former Fox News Executive:  The Fourth Estate - Who is Our Watchdog Today?" 

  Evelyn Becker, fled (East) Germany & Kimmean Tim, fled the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia:  “Survivors of the Hollow Promises of Totalitarians”

*   Gene Yoon, Esq.,:  "Technology, Finance, Law … Government?"

*  Gabriel Nadales, Student Rights Advocate, Leadership Institute:  "From ANTIFA to Conservative"




      Lt. Rich Goss, SFPD (ret.): Police and the 2020 Election

     Allison Olson, Former CFRW Legislative Advocate: California 2020 November Ballot: Observations and Recommendations

*  Larry Greenfield, Fellow, Claremont Institute and American Freedom Alliance:  American Foreign Policy in the Trump Era

*   Mark Krikorian, Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies:  Immigration and the 2020 Election



*  Vicki E. Alger, Ph.D., Independent Institute Research Fellow: Restoring Parental Rights in Education: Options for California

*  Megan Masten & Mark Cota, Turning Point USA, President at Cal State Sacramento and Northern California Regional Director: On the Front Lines Fighting for Freedom on College Campuses

*  Trevor Loudon, Author, filmmaker and public speaker, The Left's Plan for 2020 and How We Counter It

Joseph Russoniello, former U.S. Attorney for Northern California, U.S. vs. Ganin Newsom, et. al.--A Criminal Prosecution for RICO Violations

Arnie Riebli, Managing Partner Sunrise FarmsPresident and GM Dairymen’s Feed Past Chairman and former Board Member Nucal Foods Slipery Slope

*  Nicole Garay, Vice Chair San Francisco Republican Central Committee and Vice Chair San Francisco Young Republicans: How Can We Bring the Youth to our Party and our Party to our Youth.

Dottie Linden, President, California Federation of Republican Women Northern Division: Where our Federation is Currently and How I See Us Move Forward

*  Brad Dacus, Founder and President, Pacific Justice Institute:  Defending Religious Freedoms, Parental Rights and Civil Liberties 
                      (technical difficulties caused a partial recording)



Vigo G. (Chip) Nielsen, Jr.,  Nielsen Merksamer, Parrinello Gross & Leoni LLP: California, a Sanctuary State - What Happens When State and Federal Laws are in Conflict?

* Stephen Frank, California Political News & Views, The 2018 Elections and What They Will Mean

Assemblyman Travis Allen, Republican Candidate for California Governor:  My Vision for a Better California

Woody Woodrum, President California Screaming Eagles:  Make California Golden Again

John H. Cox, Republican Candidate for California Governor:  The Neighborhood Legislature Initiative & the California Governor’s Race

Mark Krikorian, Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies:  Are We Even Allowed to Debate Immigration Policy?

Nan Su, Senior Correspondent: What is News?

Harmeet Dhillon, Dhillon Law Group: Post-Election Review -- Where are we going now?



Jim Sutton, Managing Partner, The Sutton Law Firm : Election Law Who Votes and How Does it Count

K. Lloyd Billingsley, Policy Fellow and Communications Counsel:  Independent Institute California Water – Priceless?

Claire Chiara, Finance Director, California Young Republican Federation: UC Berkeley Dispatches from an openly Republican on a College Campus Today

*  David Davenport, Hoover Institute: Rugged Individualism

* Jeremy Talcott, Pacific Legal Foundation: Federal and State Judiciary Issues of the Day

Rich Goss, Lieutenant, San Francisco Police Department: Local Policing Issues of the Day

California State Assemblyman Kevin Kiley,: Priorities for Our State

Carol Stein, CFRW Vice President North,: An overview of the CRWF

Allison Olson, Advocate, California Federation of Republican Women: Social Media’s Impact on Politics Today



Harmeet Dhillon, California Republican Party Vice-Chair

Russ Colombo, SMART Train Citizen Oversight Committee Chair & CEO of Bank of Marin

* Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle columnist

* Lawrence J. McQuillan, Senior Fellow, Independent Institute

* Carson JF Bruno, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution

* Sally Pipes, President & CEO of Pacific Research Institute

Ward Connerly, Founder & President, American Civil Rights Institute

* Allison Olson, CFRW Legislative Advocate

Jim Brulte, Californnia Senator (ret.), California Republican Party Chair




* Casey Lucius, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 20th District

* Bill Gaines, Gaines & Associates Government Relationships: "A Conservative Behind the Lines: Protecting Freedom while Conserving Wildlife in the Age of Bureaucracy"

* Sean J. Walsh, Walsh & Associates, Certified Protection Professional and Certified Professional Investigator, cyber-security expert

Fred LaCosse, Emmy Award winning television news anchor, reporter and talk show host

Duf Sundheim, CA GOP candidate for U.S. Senate

* Mr. Nan Su, Sount of Hope International Chinese Radio Network

* Karen Watson, GOPBuzz.com



* Dr. Abraham Sofaer, Sr. Fellow, Hoover Institution

Stepahnie Midthun, Courage Worldwide

Ron Nehring, GOP Candidate for CA Lieutenant Governor

Dr. Lanhee Chin, Fellow, Hoover Institution 

* Pete Peterson, GOP Candidate for CA Secretary of State

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Republican Candidate for Governor

* Debbie Bacigalupi, former U.S. House of Representatives candidate, researcher and expert on Agenda 21 and Plan Bay Area

* Lance Izumi, Koret Senior Fellow and Senior Director of Education Studies at the Pacific Research Institute


Shawn Lewis, Administrative Vice-Chair, California College Republicans

Michael J. Lotito, Esq.,  Littler Mendelson, P.C.

* Dr. Padma Manian, Profesor of History, San Jose State University

Carol Hadley, President, California Federation of Republican Women

David Wolf, Legislative Director, Howard Javis Taxpayers Association

* David Spady, California Director of Americans for Prosperity

*Randal O'Toole, Senior Fellow, CATO Institute

* Dr. John Eastman, Henry Salvatori Professor of Law & Community Service and former Dean of Chapman University Law School


Kevin McGary, President, Frederick Douglass Foundation of California 

Janie Johnson, Author, Don't Take My Lemonade Stand

Catharine Baker, of Counsel at Hoge Jones & Appel in Pleasanton, CA

Jacqueline Berger, The "First Ladies Lady"

Tom Del Becarro, California Republican Party Chairman

Alan Olsen, Managing Partner, Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Co.

Connie Conway, California Assembly Minority Leader

Brian Jones, California Assembly Republican Caucus Chairman


Dr. Michael Babich, visiting professor at UC Davis Dept. of Internal Medicine, Vice-President of Mission Therapeutics

Patrick McNeil, Tax Specialist and Senior Partner, McNeil, Silveira, Rice, Wiley and West

Gary Johnson, 2012 Presidential Candidate

Leslie Peterson Schwarze, Co-Founder, Citizens for Balanced Housing

Michelle Steel, Vice-Chair, California State Board of Equalization

Deke Welch, Citizens for Sustainable Public Pensions

Luis Buhler, CFO, The Lincoln Club of Northern California, publisher of www.BayAreaGOP.com

Mariann Headstrom, President, California Federation of Republican Women


Melanie Morgan, co-founder of Move America Forward

James McDermott, Acting Chief of Voluntary Service at San Francisco Veterans Administration Medical Center

Tyrus Cobb, Special Assistant to Ronald Reagan  *

Neil Hennessy, President and Portfolio Manager of Hennessy Funds *

Candidate Forum, CD 8 Race: John Dennis and Dana Walsh

Tom Del Beccaro, Vice-Chairman, California Republican Party *

Brandon Middleton, Pacific Legal Foundation

Katy Grimes, CalWatchdog.com

Yoela Palkin, Student Activist


Eric Golub, Political Humorist and author and blogger  *

William Wagner, President, Olivet University, San Francisco  *

John R. Graham, Director of Health Care Studies, at the Pacific Research Institute

Dr. James Kelley, Oceanographer with 45 years of research experience on the oceans of the world.  Dean of College of Science & Engineering, SF State University; President of the California Academy of Sciences

James Fisfis, President, Chariott LLC, Republican polster  *

Liz Froelich, President Northern Division, California Federation of Republican Women

Chuck DeVore, California State Assemblyman, Candidate for U.S. Senate 2010  *

Laurie Firestone, Social Secretary for George H.W. Bush

Michael Lotito, Partner, Jackson Lewis LLP, expert in employment law  *



Barbara Simpson, broadcast journalist & radio talk show host  *

Brad Dacus, President, Pacific Justice Institute

Larry Greenfield, Director, Republican Jewish Coalition California Region

Tom Del Becarro, Vice-Chair, California Republican Party

Deke Welch, Editor/Publisher of Elephant Talk

Paul Mamalakis, Marin County free-lance journalist

Sashi McEntee, Candidate State Senate

Paul Lavery, Candidate State Assembly

Michael Halliwell, Candidate U.S. House of Representatives


Abraham D. Sofaer, George P. Schultz Distinguished Scholar and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution

Fred LaCosse, television news anchor, reporter and talk show host

Ward Connerly, Founder and Chairman of American Civil Rights Institute

William Wagner, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

John Clark, Chapter Leader, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

Joel Fay, San Rafael Police Department, President, Forensic Mental Health Association of California and President, West Coast Post
Trauma Retreat

Dr. Charlie Self, PhD., also known as Dr. History

Jon Coupal, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

LTC Michael N. Wells, Commander of the 250th Military Intelligence Battalion from San Rafael

Michael DeNunzio, San Francisco City and State Commissions on Aging and Adult Services

Tom MacDonald, Novato Citizens' Budget Committee, and Advisory Board of the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility

Jennifer Lahl (R.N., M.A.), Founder and National Director of the Center for Bioethics and Culture

Debbie Skolnik, Family Assistance Network Coordinator in the Family Readiness Program of the California National Guard